Social Connections

Including inter-generational connections – are an important part of healthy, active aging. People with strong social networks are more active, feel happier, and are more supported. When older people participate in their community, everyone benefits. The more you do, the more new people you’ll meet. Older people who are socially connected and participate in their communities are more likely to eat well, engage in physical activity, and feel good about themselves.

We offer opportunities for seniors to build friendships while participating in social and recreational activities. We take care of the details and provide low cost transportation when needed. All seniors in the Penticton area, including West Bench and Red Wing are invited to participate in the Out and About program. This program is generously funded by Employment & Social Development Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors.

Program Fees

  • There are no fees to participate in the program and no obligations.
  • Participants are responsible for event tickets, entrance fees, meal costs, and any personal costs associated with joining an activity or event. Some events are free.
  • Round trip transportation for local activities/events (within Penticton) is provided at a flat fee of $5.
  • Transportation to events outside Penticton may be available at a cost of $5 per 25 km traveled.

Note: events may be cancelled due to low participation, so please sign up a minimum of three days prior to the activity/event.

Services Provided

Sign up for any or all activities or events that suit your interests and schedule.

Activities may include:

  • Hockey games
  • Live theatre events
  • Movies
  • Dinner at your favourite restaurant
    • We welcome your suggestions to add activities/events to the calendar and we will invite others who enjoy similar activities.
    • Transportation to/from local events for up to 13 participants is provided for a flat fee.
    • Transportation to events outside the Penticton area is available at an extra cost.
    • Feel free to use your own transportation to join up with the group.

Program Goals

  • Improve the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of seniors by creating opportunities to expand social networks and form connections while actively engaging with others in their community.
  • Overcome barriers to access by organizing details and providing low cost transportation.
  • Minimize social isolation by connecting people with similar interests and expanding social networks.