Summerland Transit Community Bus

Click here for information regarding the Summerland Transit Community Bus which operates Monday to Friday between Summerland and Penticton.

Penticton Public Bus


Low-floor buses were designed to make travel on the conventional transit system accessible to people who use mobility aids, or who have difficulties stepping up to the older-style buses.  These buses have a kneeling feature that allows the floor of the bus to come within 25 cm of the road surface. The low-floor buses are equipped with a ramp for wheelchair and scooter access, and can accommodate two wheelchairs or one scooter at once. All routes on the Penticton Transit System are accessible.  The low-floor buses operate on a fixed-route schedule. For information about schedules and fares, visit Busonline, call Transit Information at 492-5602 or refer to the Penticton Riders’ Guide.

Boarding the Low-floor Bus
Wheelchair and Scooter
If you would like to practice boarding the low-floor bus with your mobility aid, call 492-5602.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the bus driver do for me on the bus?
Bus drivers will secure your wheelchair or scooter and help you locate a bus stop if you ask when boarding.

What won’t bus drivers do for me?
Bus drivers cannot perform the duties of a personal attendant; leave the bus to assist you with your mobility aid or lift you and/or your mobility aid, except in an emergency.

What if the chair/scooter position is already occupied on the bus I want to board?
The driver will advise you of the next accessible bus or help you make other travel arrangements if there is no more accessible service that day.

Conventional Service Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday:   6:30 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday:                8:30 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday:                  9:42 am to 6:00 pm (extended hours in the summer)

Conventional Service Fares
For information on fares, visit Busonline, call Transit Information at 492-5602 or pick up a Riders’ Guide.