100 More Homes Launch Anti-Stigma Campaign

100 More Homes has co-launched a new anti-stigma campaign that focuses on the real stories of individuals experiencing homelessness in Penticton.

As they work towards the of goal of ending chronic homelessness, staff from 100 More Homes’ participating organizations (including BC Housing, City of Penticton, Interior Health, United Way British Columbia, SOSBIS and OneSky Community Resources) have been working with the South Okanagan Lived Experience Circle (SOLE) to film the stories in the lead up to Homelessness Action Week (October 10 to 16, 2021).

With Penticton’s most recent Point in Time Homelessness Count identifying at least 118 individuals experiencing homelessness, 100 More Homes believes it’s important to highlight causes of homelessness in Penticton, as well as the challenges individuals face when trying to survive. The stigma associated with experiencing homelessness or high-risk housing (e.g., RV parks, motels) perpetuates a vicious cycle for our community’s most vulnerable and this can lead to a lack of access to services because of the stigma associated with this demographic.

Displaced: Living in the Shadows” is a series of short stories from perspective that tells the broader community what it is like to lose housing, family, support, income and “pieces of your soul”. You can view the films as they are released on social media starting on October 10th and can also be viewed at OneSky Community Resources Youtube channel.

Please watch for additional information about the campaign being released throughout Homelessness Action Week.


Background about the South Okanagan Lived Experience Circle

The South Okanagan Lived Experience Circle (SOLE) meets on a regular basis to support each other and identify how to amplify the challenges they have faced, and continue to face. The journeys that this group have taken have recently been recorded as part of SOLE’s anti-stigma and discrimination campaign. The films explore the reason people can become unhoused, some of the things that keep them there and the ongoing battle for survival on a daily basis.

Background about Penticton Homelessness Data

Every night across Canada over 35,000 people are living unhoused whether sleeping outside or living in precarious housing such as motels, friends’ couches, cars or in store doorways. The most recent Point in Time count in Penticton identified 118 individuals who consented to being counted in April 2021. Housing First centers on providing clients immediate access to permanent housing with no preconditions. People are better able to move forward with their lives if they are first housed. Over 25% of people experiencing homelessness in Penticton are over the age of 55, with 21% having spent their whole life in Penticton; over 40% of people unhoused have some form of physical or mental health condition.

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100 More Homes Penticton Vision

The 100 More Homes vision is to work collaboratively to build a system of housing and supports to prevent and end chronic homelessness in Penticton.

About 100 More Homes Penticton

100 More Homes Penticton is a collection of community leaders who came together in 2016, initially to seek solutions to housing and supports to 100 vulnerable people in Penticton by July 2018. Individuals’ collaboration produced a collective voice with the goal of ameliorating support systems for those experiencing homelessness and of enhancing communication and education to the wider community. While the initial goal has been met, there remains a significant need in the community. Therefore, the work of 100 More Homes Penticton continues with a refreshed goal of ending chronic homelessness in the city of Penticton.

Why does 100 More Homes do the work that is does?

100 More Homes believes that every Penticton resident should have a safe, accessible, and affordable home to live. The Steering Committee believes that a society is successful when it provides equitable and inclusive opportunities for all and supports people when they are facing challenges in their lives. The group became established to respond in a coordinated way to the ongoing and increasing numbers of people facing homelessness in Penticton, and the associated health issues. The Steering Committee has generated huge successes for the community. It continues to passionately support vulnerable people in the community with the goal of preventing and addressing homelessness.

Media contact for United Way British Columbia:

Carolyn Rohaly
Public Relations, Marketing & Communications
United Way British Columbia – working with communities in BC’s Interior, Lower Mainland and Central & Northern Vancouver Island
Office: 604.268.1303 Cell: 647.235.8448

Media contact for 100 More Homes:

Tanya Behardien
Chair of 100 More Homes Steering Committee
Executive Director of OneSky Community Resources, Penticton & South Okanagan
Office: 250.487.3367 Cell: 250 488 8728


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