Every day, we assist hundreds of people in dozens of communities – helping them to achieve dignity, resilience and well-being at every stage of life. Our skilled and caring professionals, educators, care workers, service personnel, counsellors, and volunteers provide a broad span of life-changing programs and services. We also connect people to the many other vital resources in our area. Guided by our core belief that we’re all in this together, living under a single sky, our goal is to create a way forward for everyone.

From care for newborn babies to services for seniors, OneSky Community Resources programs are accessible to all residents in the region. We are proud to serve over 600 individuals and their families per day in the areas of:

Community connections and partnerships are a cornerstone of OneSky Community Resources’ success. Partnerships are a valuable and inherent part of our long history. They are essential to providing quality service to children, families and adults throughout the Interior Region. Our community partnerships extend to organizations throughout the Interior and serve as an anchor to our commitment to delivering accessible services to all parts of the region.