On June 7, 8 and 9, 2017, four CARF surveyors visited our programs, reviewed our practices and met with staff, stakeholders and Board members to ensure that we continue to meet the 2,600 standards around health & safety, person-centred services, and good business practices.

We are pleased to announce that OneSky Community Resources has once again achieved the highest possible outcome with another three-year accreditation, attesting that the services we provide meet the highest international standards.

Thanks to all OneSky Community Resources staff, who, as evidenced in the report, are dedicated to providing excellent services to the people in our communities.

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What is a Survey?

CARF_CA_GoldSealAs a step towards accreditation, OneSky Community Resources invites CARF International to send a team of professionals, called surveyors, to visit our site sand evaluate our services for quality. The surveyors consult with staff members and interview people who use our services Based on the surveyors’ review, we may be awarded accreditation for a term of one or three years.

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