Our Vision

We envision strong communities with opportunities for all.

Our Mission

We champion and support individuals to reach their full potential by providing quality supports and services that meet identified needs.

Our Promise

A way forward for everyone.


Our Values

Diversity – Our staff and Board are as diverse as the communities we serve.

Accountability – We are proactive in reporting out and welcome any and all feedback on our performance.

Accessibility– We work hard to remove barriers to accessing our services, including actively reaching out to those most in need.

Respect– We believe that all people deserve to be treated in ways that promote dignity, autonomy, capacity and responsibility.

Integrity – We act with professionalism, upholding best practices and the highest ethical standards in the intentional service of our mission.

Collaboration – We work creatively and collaboratively with our many organizational stakeholders to achieve real and sustainable solutions.

Our Beliefs

Every person matters.

Diversity is our strength.

Life is easier when we all share the load.

More perspectives yield better solutions.

The only limits we have are the ones we believe in.