After School Program provides service in which participants are welcomed, supported and valued. The activities of playing, learning and growing happen in a way which all participants feel they belong. All participants have different abilities and aptitudes; an inclusive setting accommodates and builds on those. The Program follows the principles of a family-centered approach, shared responsibility and planning for participants.

The Program provides licensed group childcare and support services are put in place for participants who attend through Supported Child Care Development. The Program provides a safe, stimulating environment in which all participants are able to develop and enhance a positive self concept of their unique selves. Parent support is available on an outreach basis, if needed.


Our Approach

The Program believes each participant is a unique individual who will develop to his/her potential. We believe the developmental childhood years are extremely important to increase social and emotional skills in play based programs to prepare participants for the future.


470 Edmonton Avenue, Penticton
Phone: (250) 492-4616

500 Edmonton Avenue, Penticton
Phone: (250) 493-4244

6648 Park Drive, Oliver
Phone: (250) 485-8969


The Participant Information Handbook is provided to each family during the Program orientation.
This handbook informs parents/guardians of the policies and procedures of the Program.