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Penticton & District Community Resources Society (OneSky Community Resources) views complaints as valuable feedback that helps us to learn and improve. Complaints lodged by participants, stakeholders and members of the public in regard to the work of OneSky Community Resources, are heard and responded to in a respectful and timely manner. The complaint policy is made available to all participants at the time of intake and a copy posted in all OneSky Community Resources facilities and on the website.

Complaints by participants do not result in a barrier to services.


Reason for Policy

OneSky Community Resources recognizes that from time to time concerns or complaints may arise. An appropriate complaint resolution process is accessible to participants, stakeholders and members of the public.



Personnel are encouraged to discuss and resolve issues or concerns raised by participants as they arise whenever possible. If personnel are unsure or require support, they consult with peers, Team Leaders and Directors.

If a complaint is made to a member of the board, the complainant is redirected to the appropriate person to ensure this process is followed.


Step 1

When receiving a concern or complaint, personnel attempt to resolve the issue in a helpful, collaborative and timely manner. The complainant is also advised of the availability of the option to put their complaint in writing.


Step 2

If the complainant(s) is reluctant to speak with the staff member(s), or if after meeting with the staff member(s) the issue is not resolved, the complainant(s) may approach the Team Leader.
An advocate or support person may attend all related meetings with the complainant(s). More than one OneSky Community Resources staff member may attend all related meetings.


The Team Leader:

  1. Notifies the Director of Clinical Services and/or the Executive Director
  2. Carries out an investigation (if required)
  3. Attempts to resolve the issue
  4. Responds to the complainant(s) within five (5) days
  5. OneSky Community Resources Policy – Complaints Page 2 of 2
  6. Documents the complaint.
  7. A copy of the complaint and any further documentation is forwarded to the Executive Director.

Step 3

If the issue is still unresolved, the Executive Director reviews the concern or complaint The Executive Director attempts to resolve the issue within five (5) days
If unsuccessful, the Executive Director informs the complainant(s) of avenues for complaints outside of the agency i.e., provincial ombudsman, MLA or MP
The Executive Director documents the process The Management Team conducts an annual review of all complaints and compiles a report.


Note 1: Serious complaints alleging negligence or abuse of participants or personnel are brought to the immediate attention of the Executive Director or designate (See policy on Abuse/Neglect).

Note 2: Complaints pertaining to the Executive Director are forwarded to the President or designate of the Board of Directors of OneSky Community Resources.
See: Complaints Participants Stakeholders Public Form

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