Penticton Realtor Donates $14K to Foundry

From: Colin Dacre – Castanet December 17, 2019

A Penticton realtor has donated $13,750 to the Penticton Foundry Youth Resource Centre.

Gil Szabo set aside a portion of every transaction this year for the nonprofit after being inspired by a fundraising event in April, where local philanthropist Tom Budd spoke about how youth mental health issues affected his life.

“I believe in this rapidly changing world, the young people of today need all the support we are able to afford. The community partners at Foundry Penticton bring together all the social and health services to make it easier for young people to find the support, connections and care they need, all in one place,” Szabo said.

Foundry Penticton opened officially in September 2019 and occupies the main floor of the Penticton Youth Centre, which is home to four additional youth serving agencies as well.

“Mr. Szabo’s contribution essentially completes our pledge, as a community, to raise $1.2 million to open Foundry Penticton,” said Aaron McRann of the Community Foundation. “The campaign was only a success because of the support of people like Mr. Szabo. We really can’t thank him enough for his commitment.”

Szabo says he has set a goal of $25,000 for next year.

While Foundry is fully open, two major items still need work before the building can be considered complete.

Planning and negotiations are currently underway to renovate a significant portion of the basement to open up additional space for youth gatherings and programs.

“And the other major item is an elevator,” said McRann. “We are going to continue working to raise money for the building until we can make it 100 per cent accessible to all youth.”

Youth with accessibility challenges can currently receive service on the main floor, in Foundry Penticton, even if the service provider they’re meeting is on the second floor. “But the goal is to ensure that all youth can benefit from all of this amazing 21,000 square foot facility,” McRann added.