For over 50 years, Penticton & District Community Resources Society has been responding to everyday needs and larger social issues. We excel at bringing people and groups together to facilitate solutions, providing necessary resources and delivering programs that support people to live with greater dignity and ease.

For the people we serve, we can be the different between living with hope and falling through the cracks.

We are taking steps to be ready to meet community challenges for the next 50 years by continuing to grow in depth, breath and diversity. Our new brand better expresses who we are, what we do and where we’re going in the future.

We’re proud to reintroduce ourselves as OneSky Community Resources, and reaffirm our commitment to serve the communities of the South Okanagan/Silmilkameen for the next half century!

Lesley Dyck, Board Chair
Tanya Behardien, Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the name?

Feedback from community illustrated that despite our long history and wide-ranging services, we are not a household name and people confused us with other organizations that have “Penticton” in their name. A large number of people also identified us with specific services we operate like Little Triumphs Childcare or Paper Shuffle, but were not aware of the organization who manages the service. Finally, we now have programs in 15 communities throughout the South Okanagan/ Similkameen and we needed a brand that embraced our commitment to serve a larger region.

Who chose the name?

We worked with a professional marketing firm to consult with our staff, participants and stakeholders. Thanks to all who participated! The process helped us see the spirit and values that underpin the organization’s services and the big picture of all we do. From this feedback the firm developed some choices for a new name and look. A Brand Committee comprised of volunteer board members and agency staff then chose a name, and made final changes based on staff feedback. We feel OneSky is a simple and engaging way to articulate the organization’s purpose in a compelling manner.

Why do we need to brand?

The world will ask who we are, and if we cannot answer, the world will guess and tell it for us. Our brand:

  • Helps us express what we stand for
  • Helps us collaborate for collective impact
  • Helps us work toward a common vision
  • Is the sum of all perceptions about who we are, what we stand for, and how we make an impact

But I know you by the program I associate with – can I just call you that?

Program names still exist; however, we want to solidify our agency image so that you know we are more than one program.

Why does my invoice still say PDCRS?

Our legal name has not yet changed – until we do, legal documents (contracts, invoices, cheques) will reflect the name of Penticton & District Community Resources Society.

I am a paying customer – who do I make my cheque payable to?

You can make your cheque payable to OneSky Community Resources, PDCRS, or the specific program for which you are paying – our agency and bank recognizes a number of names that are used.