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FASD Key Worker

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The role of the Key Worker is to assist families in understanding FASD and CDBCs by providing information, support and advocacy specific to the needs of each family.

The services include:

Eligibility + Fees

Service is provided to families free of charge.

Services are provided to families of:

  • Children & youth with confirmed or probable FASD
  • Child & youth with neurological conditions similar to FASD


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) describes a range of disabilities that may affect people exposed to alcohol before birth, Including Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBCs).

People who have Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBCs) may have significant difficulties in multiple areas of function, including:

  • Development & learning
  • Adaptive & social skills
  • Mental health

To obtain a FASD referral form and information, please email

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